Adrian Cheng's positive vision for the future

Adrian Cheng is one of China's biggest art influencers. In addition to the many innovations he has made, he is planning many changes that will make life easier for new and future generations. You will learn more about it later in this article.

Adrian Cheng, descendant of a line of developers

The famous Adrian Cheng is the current CEO of New World Development. Before him, his father and grandfather were both responsible for Hong Kong's New World, a center that combines hospitality, commerce and residence. From a young age, Adrian Cheng was already prepared to take up the torch. Thanks to his skills, he now holds the position of CEO of New World Development. In 2008, he created K11, a company that combines art and commerce. k11 malls are available all over China, mainly in Hong Kong. He has big plans for the next generation. Adrian Cheng wants to create a new class of cultural environment.

Completion of several projects in China by 2025

Famous businessman Adrian Cheng has said in interviews that he has several plans for China. It plans to complete 38 K11 projects in 10 cities across China. Adrian Cheng is an ambitious man who will surely achieve these goals. The aftermath of covid 19 is still present and tourist habits in China are reduced. For everything to return to normal, it will take another three years. Adrian Cheng sees that local consumption remains the best solution at the moment. Many reductions on taxes have been made and new ones on VAT can still be made on local consumption. Different brands, however, need to review and differentiate their sales strategy and offering to customers living in small towns from that of upper-tier customers living in China's big cities.