Body shaping applications on TikTok trigger negative eating behaviours

Internet applications have been shown to have bad effects on young children's eating habits. Activists have called on TikTok to regulate advertising for body shaping.

TikTok and other apps have negative effects on young people's eating habits

According to a study, various body modification applications on social networks such as TikTok encourage people to have negative eating habits. Some advertisements show how these apps can be used to modify body parts, including reducing height and increasing muscle. Some also give tips on how to control your diet and get the protein you need per day to build muscle. You can go here to find out how much protein is needed in this case.

Various eating disorder organisations have said that technology companies should try not to encourage naïve people such as young people to eat dangerous meals. The social networking companies said their apps had not breached the advertising terms, but promised to try to review their policies to improve them.

TikTok said it would soon review its framework to encourage better health models. ''The youth-favourite social network has stopped ads for fasting and weight-reduction programmes in 2020.

''These social networking companies need to be more diligent about unhealthy eating habits,'' said Hope Virgo, nutrition campaigner. '

Body modification applications and poor eating habits are linked

Looking back over a few years, an increase has been noticed with the introduction of these body shaping apps and bad eating disorders, we are sure they are a strong link.'' '. According to nutrition experts, the number of teenagers with eating disorders has increased by 67% in the last nine months.

They stated that there are many suggestions that these apps can trigger poor nutrition in young people. They call for a strict review of these apps and their nutrition ads. However, many said that it will be difficult for these social networks to stop these ads, especially since they do not violate any rules. Many called on schools and parents to teach children better eating habits.