Holidays in Corsica: what you must know

Nicknamed "the island of beauty", Corsica is a place of contrasts.  While on vacation in Corsica, a day of sightseeing can reveal spectacular landscapes and beautiful bays, historic coastal towns, hidden villages and dense forests.  It is a destination where you can enjoy nature, history and gastronomy.

 Ferry to Corsica

To cross the Mediterranean, you can choose between these three ports in the south of France: Marseille, Nice or Toulon.  The choice of the departure port will depend on the location of your vacation and departure location.  In addition, the port of departure varies depending on the shipping company you have chosen.  Sometimes it can be interesting to leave from Italian ports such as Genoa or Savona, which are close to the French border. For more information, visit the site

If the port of Marseille is the most convenient if you arrive from the west, the north or the center of France, Toulon is also easy to reach with its port in the city center.  Nice, with a harder to reach port, is however a preferred solution when arriving from the east or south-east of France.  In addition, the sea crossing is shorter between Nice and Corsica.

When to book your ferry ticket to the Isle of Beauty?

To book your boat ticket, it is best to book as early as possible.  Thus, to go on vacation to Corsica in summer or in autumn, it is better to book with shipping companies at the end of the previous year, ie 6 to 9 months before.

If you can, avoid leaving on a Saturday and prefer weekday departures, which are generally cheaper.

What to do in Corsica

The sunny island of Corsica is a fantastic holiday destination in Europe.  Nestled between Italy and France, this mountainous country is covered with beautiful forests and vineyards and surrounded by sandy beaches.  1000 km of beaches, to be precise, provide this surprisingly popular vacation spot with plenty of opportunities to excite, inspire and entertain potential vacationers.