How to know my home insurance quote ?

To find out your home insurance quote, you need to calculate the price of your home insurance. This calculation takes into account several factors. The type of housing, your income, the extent of guarantees ... are some of its factors. By subscribing to certain insurances, you will be able to benefit from a reduction and a fair and adjusted price. The quote provided by the chosen insurance company will also allow you to know the cost of your home insurance. 

Know the characteristics of your home and fill out a form

To find out the insurance quote for your home, you need to know the characteristics of your apartment. This is the starting point. This will give you a more accurate idea of the price. These represent the criteria that are taken into account for the calculation of the price of your home insurance 
Size, type, use and location are some of the factors that influence the home insurance quote. Keep in mind that if you live in an apartment, the quote you receive will be lower than if you live in a house. To learn more about these factors, please see this website
The second step is to fill out a form. On this form, you will need to indicate the type of home you live in, choose the type of coverage you want and get your home insurance quote.

Other factors to consider 

The guarantees, the presence of deductible or not are other factors that you must consider to obtain your home insurance quote. You can also go to online quote comparators to optimize your choice. This will allow you to choose the best one. For example, thanks to the insurance comparator, you don't need to go anywhere to check the prices. 
In Ile de France, a home insurance costs 161€ while in Pays de la Loire, the insurance is 146€. 
You can easily compare rates and details.