Hurricane season in Cancun : when is it ?

Cancun, one of Mexico's hot spots popular with tourists, is located in the southeast of the country. If the city has now become the favorite destination of tourists, it is not for nothing: beautiful landscapes, almost ideal weather, a heritage enriched by history... However, it happens that the city is victim of hurricanes. Before going there, you must therefore plan your trip well. Here's what to know about hurricane season in Cancun.

What is hurricane season in Cancun ?

Generally, the risk is very low for a hurricane to directly impact a defined area. However, the hurricane season does exist in the city of Cancun. It is therefore essential that you take into account the hurricane season in cancun when preparing to stay in Cancun. Be aware that hurricane season is between June and November in Cancun. 

It would therefore be ideal to avoid traveling to the city during this period. If you have to go to the city in case of force majeure during this period, avoid going there between August and October. These are the months with the highest risk of hurricanes.

What are the best months to visit Cancun?

If you want to visit Cancun, know that the best time to go there is between November and March. These are the months when hurricane season is just a story to be told. If you are looking for the ideal time during this period, March would be the most suitable. 

Indeed, the month of March is in the dry season and the region is not very humid during this period compared to the other months. It is therefore the appropriate period to visit Cancun. Remember that the temperature in the region does not impact the sea temperature at all. 

The latter varies according to the situation in the region. Once you enter Quintana Roo, be prepared to pay the $48 tourist tax. In just a few clicks, go to Visitax to pay this tax quickly and easily.