Inter Milan and its legend: A long history

There are those players who have a huge impact on the public, but also on the sporting institution in which they play. This is what we can see in the news about Inter Milan and its legend. Find out in the following article what it is with small details.

Which player is it?

The answer to this question is not difficult. It is necessary to present Marcelo Brocolis as one of the talents that has not finished shining. His history with the club is not small. In fact, the number 77 of the club is playing the best season of his career as evidenced He feels enough pleasure in it and it can be seen in his performance. It even looks like a reincarnation of the maestro Andrea Pirlo.
He has been a vital link for Inter Milan this season. He can dictate the tempo of the game, break down lines and give his club the upper hand. You don't find many of those on the planet earth. Fans and administrators alike consider him to be indispensable, which is why they are looking to renew his contract at any cost.


The Inter Milan player will be free at the end of next summer. The renewal of his contract is quite decisive. According to newspapers, the team of Newcastle, which is making great efforts to strengthen its base, is interested in the player. Better the giants of Tottenham also do not hesitate to make requests for discussion with the entourage of the talented BROZOVIC.
However, Inter Milan remains confident and very optimistic that the player will stay for more seasons. Moreover, Bergomi, the 1982 World Cup Champion, thinks that he should be made to understand that he is in a wonderful team. The money yes, but the awareness of belonging to the team also matters a lot. The end of the episode will only be for a short time.