Milk: Everything you need to know.

The human being is the only mammal that even as an adult continues to drink milk, we even drink other specie's milk, as the cow. Popular for its supposed benefits on health and especially bones, milk is a constant part of our diet. But is milk really essential for your health?

The impact of milk on the human body.

Milk has always been known as a beverage rich in vitamins and calcium. Drinking milk every day normally has to not only keep our bones strong but also keep us healthy. Unfortunately, in addition to the presence of vitamins and calcium that are good for our health, milk contains sugar, a sugar called lactose. The problem with this molecule present in milk is that as soon as we reach the age of three, we are no longer able to digest it properly. The presence of this molecule combined to our inability to digest is the main reason of the bloating feels by approximately 80% of the population when they drink milk. In addition to being very unpleasant to digest for as we said 80 % of the population the milk due to the proteins it contains can be awful for those who unfortunately has diabetes.

Where do we find calcium?

Even if the presence of milk has not been required in our diet, we need a daily intake of calcium, about 1200 mg per day. And in the opposite of what you might think, milk is not the most calcium-rich food presents on earth. Broccoli and spinach contain twice as much calcium as milk for the same number of calories. Thyme is also high in calcium and could quickly fill your calcium needs if you include it in your diet. Milk is present pretty much everywhere that we can't just instantly cut it out of our diet. However, it is important that we stay conscious about what we eat.