the new cable-free television: is it a Myth or a reality?

Have you ever found yourself totally lost when it comes to connecting your television? You still don't know which cable goes in which hole or which cable does what? You may not have to worry any more thanks to this Russian start-up that would have found the solution: the wireless television.

The First television completely wireless?

A television with no cable is the new feat achieved by a Russian start-up. The little Russian wonder has been unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021. It is the first television that is devoid of any wires, even the power supply cable is no longer there. This startup has succeeded where people have failed in the past. In fact, a TV devoid of data supply cable seems achievable but to remove the cable that supplies power to the TV seems unfeasible. This innovation works thanks to the ingenious process of magnetic resonance allowing you to move away the TV from its power supply. But how can a television without any cable work thanks to magnetic resonance?

what is concretely the phenomena of magnetic resonance?

Magnetic resonance is a property of certain atomic nuclei which, when subjected to electromagnetic radiation, can absorb the energy of the radiation and then release it. It is on this phenomenon discovered by Isidore Isaac Rabi in 1938 that the innovative operation of the television without cable has been based. Although ingenious, the energy provided by magnetic resonance is still too insufficient to power TV sets of more than 40 inches of diagonal. It may take a few more years before the wireless television can be commercialized, but the progress made in the field of magnetic resonance is a huge step that will be used in many other fields.