Why is autumn the best time to get pregnant?


Did you know that autumn is the best time to conceive a baby? According to the BUSPH study, based on the experience of 14,331 women, couples tend to try to conceive in September, although the chances of getting pregnant are highest between late November and early December. You may be wondering why this trend occurs. Well, there are several reasons. 

Temperature and nutrition, two key factors

Many studies look at seasonal birth patterns, but these studies don't take into account when couples start trying, how long it takes them to conceive, or how long their pregnancy lasts. you'll find some amazing tips, click over here now.

Getting pregnant is not easy, it can sometimes be an ordeal. It doesn't always happen the first time. There are many factors that play a role in conceiving a baby. One of the most important is the temperature. Heat has a negative effect on the quality and production of sperm, while cold can be more favourable. 

On the other hand, diet is another key factor. Although there are no miracle foods, a balanced diet can help improve reproductive health. There are foods that can be of great help, such as red and orange fruits (strawberries, pomegranates, oranges, custard apples, grapes...), which can be found especially in the autumn season. Nuts and green leafy vegetables, such as chard, which are also typical products of the autumn season, can also be of great help.

Why autumn?

Many women choose autumn to become pregnant, either because of the weather or because the birth coincides with holiday dates. There are other more purely physical reasons, such as the accentuation of stretch marks due to the cold or the use of closed shoes, which are more unpleasant in summer. On the other hand, other women also take into account that being pregnant can be more pleasant during the winter months, when it is more pleasant to stay at home, and less so during the summer months, when it is warmer.